Ramp exist since 1982

For this more than 25 years we managed to establish strong market position in a manufacturing and trade. In 2005 year RAMP change from Enterprise into company Ltd. At present our main business unit is INJECTION SHOP. We are manufacturing for customer’s orders many plastic items which are made from diverse raw materials. The name of our company RAMP is also a brand for our own market product - complete irrigation system for gardens. This product line consist of various elements like: hose quick-connectors, taps, hand sprays, sprinklers, etc.

The strength of our company

Strengths of our company are experience in plastic processing and finishing business, modern injection machines, new technologies, but the most important is qualified personnel.


Range of goods we manufacture for orders are from about 2g to almost 1000g. We work on such plastic material as ABS, PP, PA, POM, PC, PS, PBT, rubbers and also composites.

Machine park

Machine Clamp force (kN) Distance between tie-bars (mm) Max. plasticising rate (for PS g)
Battenfeld H1000 double
component injection
1000kN 470/420 169g + 36g
Battenfeld TM 2700/1900
+ Robot Wittmann W-831
2700kN 630x630 981g
Battenfeld HM 1300/750
+ Robot Wittmann W-811
1300kN 520/470 375g
Battenfeld HM 800/350 800kN 420x370 177g
KraussMaffei 125/520
+ Robot Wittmann W-811
1250kN 470/470 288g
KraussMaffei CX200-1000
+ Robot Wittmann W-811
2000kN 560/560 549g
Arburg Allrounder 320C 500N 320/320 77g
Arburg Allrounder A 270 U 400kN 270/270 40g
Arburg Allrounder 270C 500kN 270/270 89g
Arburg Allrounder 420C 1000kN 420/420 127g
Arburg Allrounder 221K 350kN 221/221 45g
KraussMaffei CX 160-750
+ Robot Wittmann W-818T
Nowość 2013 R
1600kN 520/520 412g
Wittmann Battenfeld
MacroPower 650/5100
+ Robot Wittmann W-833
Nowość 2013 R
6500kN 1100/950 2532g
Eco power B-180/750
+ Robot Wittmann W-818T
Nowość 2013 R
1800kN 570/520 376g


Our injection Shop is working 24 hour per day 7 days per week. Each machine has been connecting with material dryer and dosing unit. Injection shop is equipped with belt conveyors, separators, temp. controllers, recycling machines.

n our injection shop we produce items for such customers as: GE POWER CONTROLS S.A., Valvex S.A., AMII Sp. z o.o., Matt Sp. z o.o. and others.



For special applications we use ultrasonic welding technology.

Tool workshop

RAMP company has own mold manufacturing workshop for molds maintenance and service on place. More over we offer assembling, warehousing and transport to customer place. We are looking forward to start cooperating with you. Board of RAMP sp. z o.o.

Contact Us

RAMP Sp. z o.o.

Poland, 92-720 Łódź
Jugosłowiańska st. No. 25a

Tel.: +4842 6484317 Fax: +4842 6484656

email: biuro@ramp.pl